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Need Copies? Need Them Fast? Need Them World-Wide?   

Any online business must have its basic web presence, but there are undeniable benefits to complementing that with other media. Customers appreciate well-developed web content, but they place a different sort of value on  nice CDs, DVDs, USB drives or Blu-Rays with digital videos or music, slide shows, audio books, recorded lectures, multimedia training, PDF documents or PowerPoint presentations. 

With concrete media like this in hand, your customers are more likely to watch or listen more than just once to what you have to say. Not only that, such media are rarely disposed of and often change hands. Many purchasing decision makers review information in these formats. Published media that present your message favorably in such durable formats have very high conversion rates.
PRIZIX is famous for its state-of-the-art media duplication services, and as a Scent of Money subscriber, you’ll receive FREE duplication of 100 CDs or DVDs annually. You can use this valuable feature of your subscription to personally target key decision makers, to distribute your material to areas where high-speed Internet is not accessible, or to create giveaway items for trade shows and presentations.
When you need the quickest turnaround in short-run CD, DVD or USB duplication with the absolute best in quality, our services can’t be beaten. You’ll be amazed by the high-resolution, full-color disc-face printing on the CDs and DVDs we produce for you. You can always count on PRIZIX for excellence, which is why everything that leaves our facility comes with a warranty. 

Great Service and Quick Turnaround!

PRIZIX provides full-service CD, DVD and USB duplication ranging from small, quick turnaround orders to high volume projects. 
We make duplication projects easy on you. Our affordable, on time, no hassle and beautiful media products will be a solution for all your duplication needs.  
PRIZIX clients receive our undivided attention to quality and customer service with every order. 

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