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New Age of Audio Publishing

Since their arrival on the publishing scene, audio books have proven to be an effective and increasingly popular way to teach others, share information and provide entertainment. An audio publication can be a great way to complement your online presence, a powerful tool to help you present your business professionally and convincingly to your target market.

Abridged and Unabridged

Whatever your goals for your audio publications, put the audio experts at PRIZIX to work for you. PRIZIX maintains complete professional writing services, so we can offer you both abridged and unabridged audio book publishing. While you’ll always receive a polished, top quality product from us, you might be surprised to discover just how economical it can be to publish an audio book. 

On all devices

When you think about how portable and accessible audio books are, it’s no wonder that for the past decade audio books and related new media have dominated growth throughout the entire publishing industry. Not only can audio publications be accessed on CDs, as iTunes and as Amazon downloads, but they can be easily transferred to any smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod or Kindle and Android device. There’s no limit to where you might find an audio book these days: in the car, at the gym, in the office, while traveling. Even without using one of the newer mobile technologies, you can play an audio book right on your computer if you wish.

In all formats

PRIZIX publishes audio books in all existing formats, keeping up with the latest developments as formats come and go. While we support the most popular audio formats such as CD and MP3, we also produce in AAC, ACC, WAV and new open loss-less formats. When it comes to format, you can be sure we've got what you need when you need it. 

In over 20 languages

The key to an audio publication is, of course, narration, and we can provide unique custom services to suit your content, style and budget. Our state-of-the-art studio gives you access to technical production opportunities that others simply can’t offer. Note that if you wish to target an audience in a language other than English, we publish audio materials in 20 languages.

Highest Quality Artificial Voices

Perhaps your audio publication is technical in nature, meant mostly for training and information. Let us show you how one of our top-quality artificial voices can present the most complicated material in a clear, natural manner that will appeal to your listener. This specialized service is available at a fraction of what live narration can cost.

Golden-Voice Professionals

If you’re publishing works of fiction, you require a different kind of narration, something clear and engaging but also artistic. We can provide just the right golden-voiced professional to record your audio book in the PRIZIX studio. You can select from a variety of narrators: male and female, young and old, and so on. An audio book can also be recorded by the author in a studio or on location, artistic or financial considerations dictate.

Editing and Mastering

In our state-of-the-art studio, experts will produce your project with the latest in top-line equipment featuring the most advanced software. Regardless of the nature of your audio publication, we guarantee a masterful recording of the highest quality. Our proprietary and extensive royalty-free library enables us to readily reinforce and embellish your audio book production. 
You can be assured that any recording coming out of the PRIZIX studio has been carefully edited for bumps, clicks, pops, breaths and room noise where appropriate. During the mastering phase, we balance your recording for stereo image and bring it to the highest industry standards.

Free Copies with Your Order

If you’re publishing in the CD format, the PRIZIX media duplication facility will transfer the audio book to CDs and use our beautiful full-color process to print directly on the media. We’ll provide you with 300 copies free of charge for selling, signing and sharing. You can order additional copies at very reasonable rates.

Effective Marketing Trough All Available Marketing Channels

Of course, none of this preparation matters unless you can distribute your product efficiently to your target market, and we've got you covered there, too. We’ll place your audio publication in the most important online stores, including Amazon, Apple’s iTunes Store and 

When it comes to marketing your technical masterpiece, presentation is as important as anything, so you’ll appreciate the exceptional services of our renowned digital design studio. Our designers will prepare cover artwork for you to review and then follow up to make sure it’s exactly what you need.

Keep in mind that the audio book segment represents an avid group of readers who love to be immersed in the reading experience. Many fans of audio books, for example, may also want to acquire print versions of your publications. You could find that your audio book leads to unexpected demand for print media, too.

Publish it Abridged or Unabridged?

Abridgement is most often used to adapt a book into a narrated audio version. Because books written for adults are generally meant to be read silently to oneself (which is usually much faster than reading aloud), most books can take between 20 and 40 hours to read aloud. Because many audio book listeners are looking to more quickly listen to the information in a book, and because of the high cost associated with recording and distributing 40 hours of audio, audio book versions of novels are often produced in an abridged version. 

Some party, usually an editor for the book's publishing company, will go through the text of the book and remove elements, notations, references, narratives, and sometimes entire scenes from a book that could be considered superfluous to the actual story or focus of the book in order to make its audible reading time shorter. A fully abridged audio book can span as little as 4 hours for a book that would span 20 hours unabridged. 
The easiest content of a fiction book to edit out is back story often provided for characters or story elements that help support the reality of the story for the reader, but do not provide any narrative to the story itself. For example, a passage such as "John sped away in his automobile, a red 1967 Mustang he'd purchased from a junkyard and spent most of his college years restoring with his father" could be abridged to "John sped away in his automobile, a red 1967 Mustang" or even "John sped away in his car." 
In a nonfiction piece, the most commonly abridged details are references, charts, details, and facts that are used to support an author's claim. While it would be unprofessional or irresponsible to omit such details from a book, it is understandable for an audio book as it is assumed the listener wants to hear the author's opinion, and if he/she needs to check the details he/she may refer to the text. 
Occasionally, an abridged audio book will be advertised as "Abridgement approved by the author," which would imply that the original work's author has reviewed the trimmed down version of his/her work and agrees that the intention or narrative of his story has not been lost, or that no vital information has been removed. 
In many cases, an audio book for a popular title is available in both an abridged and unabridged version, though the abridged version often is released first and almost always costs significantly less than the unabridged version. Often, the two versions are produced independently of each other and may have different narrators. Unabridged versions of books are popular among those with poor eyesight or reading skills who wish to appreciate the entirety of the work, while the abridged version is more often preferred by those who just want to follow the story in a quick and entertaining way. 
On the radio books are almost always abridged. Because of this, if someone were trying to read along with the book, one would find it much harder than on an audio book. 


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